Topical Collagen: Its Limits Unveiled

Topical Collagen: Its Limits Unveiled

In today’s world, numerous individuals face challenges related to skin, muscles, joints, bones, and gut health. To effectively address these concerns, we’ve developed top-tier collagen products designed to deliver exceptional results to your brand’s consumers.

As the market continues to evolve, you’ll find two distinct types of collagen products: topical and ingestible.

Let’s explore how each format influences different aspects of health and beauty to make an informed choice about which collagen product to offer to your clients: 

As the name implies, topical collagen products primarily provide surface-level nourishment. The fact is that the skin’s inherent barrier restricts the absorption of collagen peptides and other active ingredients into deeper layers. So, while these products may have a noticeable effect on the outermost layer of people’s skin, their impact on the deeper layers can be seen as giving your house a fresh coat of paint without addressing any underlying structural issues.

Another important distinction is seen in the limited, targeted application area. Topical products are designed to address specific areas of concern, making their effects temporary and somewhat one-dimensional. This can be compared to attempting to fix one room in your house while neglecting the rest of the property, which may also require attention.

On the other hand, when it comes to providing holistic skincare and broader benefits, topical collagen falls short in comparison to its ingestible counterpart. For brands that want to offer their clients results beyond surface-level improvements, topical products may not be enough.

Finally, it’s essential to note that there isn’t enough scientific proof to support the idea that topical collagen products help to produce more collagen in the skin. There haven’t been many clinical studies done on this topic; therefore, we don’t have solid evidence on topical products affecting collagen production.

Topical Collagen Limitations

We believe that the most optimal results are achieved through a harmonious combination of both topical and ingestible supplements, which synergistically provide comprehensive solutions for enhancing skin radiance and overall well-being for your consumers.

Our primary focus is on crafting convenient, effective, and tasty ingestible collagen formulations that not only nurture the skin but positively influence the entire body of your buyers. The combination of convenience, efficiency, and palatability drives a high repurchasing rate and satisfied and loyal consumers. 




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