Exposing Common Misconceptions about Collagen

Exposing Common Misconceptions about Collagen 

As collagen experiences a surge in popularity, those people working closely with it might feel that this is a busy market. However, they must realize they’re in a so-called “collagen bubble”. Beyond this bubble, there are many undiscovered opportunities and misconceptions about collagen that the public isn’t aware of.  

The first and probably most common misconception that is present among the public, revolves around the daily amount of collagen intake. There is a common belief that more is always better. Therefore, the consumers assume that consuming 10g of collagen is superior to 5g. However, a closer examination of clinical studies on this topic reveals a different point of view. The results suggest that while a daily intake of 10g of collagen may take you to your results faster, the efficacy tends to lower after a few months. Therefore, a daily intake of 5g of collagen proves to be equally effective in the long run.  

Opting for a daily intake of 5g of collagen not only maintains effectiveness but also presents a cost-effective solution in terms of production. These findings challenge the belief that a more-is-better and encourage a more thoughtful approach in tailoring recommendations to clients, ensuring both optimal results and economic feasibility. 

Additionally, the more-is-better belief extends also when crafting a new formulation. In a world flooded with various trendy ingredients competing for inclusion in products, many of the formulations are too complicated. Opting for a simpler recipe with just a few key ingredients not only enhances the taste of the product but also contributes to a more budget-friendly price. These two factors are often considered the industry’s most crucial deal-makers, but the benefits of simple formulations go much wider. Consumers tend to relate to a simpler product and its ingredients. This not only fosters trust but also cultivates loyalty. On top of that, simplicity plays a pivotal role in navigating the regulatory landscape. Extensive ingredient lists can encounter significant challenges, with each component potentially posing regulatory hurdles — especially in markets with strict product regulations. Choosing simplicity can streamline the process of introducing a product to diverse global markets – therefore less can be more!

Individuals who aren’t immersed in the already mentioned “collagen bubble” may also not be familiar with the diverse formats that exist on the market, like capsules, powder, gummies, jelly, or liquid. Each format is specific and offers certain benefits as well as hidden traps. For example, opting for capsules may require consuming 10 to 20 pieces daily for an actually effective dosage, which is, to say the least an inconvenient and unpleasurable experience. Besides that, powder supplements may also pose challenges, as users often need to mix them in a substantial amount of water, leading to potential lumps in the beverage. On the other hand, a liquid ready-to-go format offers consumers a more pleasant experience. There’s no need for mixing or worrying about lumps, and you can achieve an effective dosage with just a single flavourful sip. This convenience makes liquid collagen a superior choice for those seeking a hassle-free and enjoyable way to incorporate an effective dosage of collagen into their beauty routine. 

It’s essential to recognize that working in the nutricosmetics sector, where you are overwhelmed with information about collagen, can create a misconception of the actual awareness that exists on the market. However, outside this bubble lies an opportunity to educate people and dispel common “stereotypes” about collagen. By focusing on the right format, dosage, and simplicity, we can effectively impart accurate knowledge and contribute to a better understanding of collagen among the public.




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