Developing a new formula is not simple. There are a lot of costs, such as the purchase of new raw materials, laboratory analysis, and labor. We encourage you to stick to the success-proven formulas, and once you achieve sales to support single orders of 5.000 pcs, ask us about developing a custom formula, especially for you.

For custom formulations and larger project please visit Tosla Nutricosmetics.

Yes. Every machinery is rigid in terms of customizability. There are many bottles out there, but not all of them is compatible with a particular filling line. Hopefully, we have chosen the nicest bottle to fit ours. Additionally, we are striving to be lean in the supply chain, and many options would increase complexity and therefore the cost of our services.
Send us an inquiry, and we’ll give you a price. We also encourage you to develop a cost plan for your marketing activities.

Entrepreneurship is about taking the risk. Markets can perform well and/or go bad a second later; what you always need is a good plan and an entrepreneurial mind. What we are merely trying to tell you with that is that starting this journey is something that has to be taken seriously. So we might suggest – while making your business plan – to consider all the possible scenarios that might affect your business in the future.

Food business operators (manufacturers and distributors) are responsible for placing food supplements on the market. The regulatory framework is set in the Directive 2002/46/EC. Food business operators must ensure that their products are safe and properly labeled. Please note that some Member States also require a product notification before placing a product on the market. You can read more about it here: DIRECTIVE 2002/46/EC relating to food supplements.

Please contact us.

Our incoterms policy is Ex Works, which means that we produce and pack the goods and make them available for you to pick them up at our factory.

Lead time is up to two months upon receiving payment and confirmed artworks for the packaging.

We did research, and based on the quality of our (and potentially your) products, the price should be set between 30,00 EUR and 45,00 EUR. It depends on which country you would like to operate.

The fast-growing popularity of collagen among consumers and an increasing number of clinical studies both speak of its essential utility. Main indications talk about improvements of one’s skin, hair and nails health, helping in relief of joint pain, prevention of bone loss, boosting muscle mass, and promoting hearth, gut and brain health.
Although, to us, the best proof is successful sales and happy returning customers.

We use high-quality GMO-free Collagen, sourced in the EU. Collagen comes from fish & bovine skin (also known as type I & type III collagen), which is touted for best absorption. Our collagen is entirely natural and is subjected to a process called hydrolysation. In this process, collagen is cut down to tiny molecules, which ensures the best possible absorption in the bloodstream.

Our bottles are from PET material, suitable for recycling. The material can be reused in production to reduce the amount of waste.

Up to now, there is no vegan collagen alternative. There are vegan collagen boosters, which are not remotely the same thing, and don’t have any substantial scientific proof of their efficiency.

We test every batch for safety and quality parameters in our own- or third-party laboratories. Additionally, we have established measures and procedures to follow to ensure that the quality of a product is not only consistent but also in line with specifications. We have set a series of activities to monitor the quality management process, make records on quality performance, revealing any defects or failures, and generating necessary suggestions and recommendations for improving the quality plan and increase quality levels. We manufacture all of our products in a certified FSSC22000 and GMP facility.


How to Start a Collagen Business

A free educational course that will guide you through the journey to becoming an expert in the nutricosmetics business.