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Collagen & hyaluronic acid with green tea leaf infusion





Product specifications

  • 5 g premium hydrolyzed liquid collagen per daily dosage
  • Highest level of collagen molecule hydrolyzation on the market, which enables a 90% absorption into the bloodstream
  • With hyaluronic acid to increase skin moisture
  • With vitamins and zinc to support skin, hair & nails health, and no added sugars
  • Free from lactose, gluten, dairy, and GMO
  • Only 32 kcal per daily portion

Packaging features

All the bottles are made with 100% recyclable PET.

500 ml bottle with dosing cap Recommended daily dosage: 25 ml for 20 days of usage / 15 ml for a month usage

60 ml bottle with sleeve
Recommended daily dosage:
single dose / 15 ml

500 ml bottle with sleeve
Recommended daily dosage: 25 ml for 20 days of usage / 15 ml for a month usage

Product advantages:

  • Liquid collagen formula infused with green tea as the main active ingredient, for anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidants benefits.
  • Easy dosing and ready to drink
  • Made in Europe

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Business process
Business process

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Starting a new business is exciting but also scary and can raise more questions than give answers. We prepared an extensive FAQ section which answers every question we ever got from our partners and prospective clients about the collagen business.

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Our improved liquid collagen formula can be tailored for different uses too!


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How to Start a Collagen Business

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