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Entrepreneurship is all about following your instinct and solve problems on your own. That’s why most of them prefer to do things on their own, and here it comes the frustration of failure, the struggle with the market, client needs, documentation to fill, registration of the products, standards to comply, and so on.

Tosla focuses on a complete set of services, ensuring you have time to focus on your business marketing and sales aspects. Through contract manufacturing, we provide premium products at a top-quality within a specific timeframe. Our structure enables us to be efficient and very close to our client’s needs and dreams.

Check the story about how it all started and why might we be a good fit for you.

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This is our promise:

  • We’ll help you co-create your product and brand;
  • We’ll help you make all the important decisions;
  • We’ll teach you everything we know about the collagen business;
  • We’ll take care of the boring stuff, like legal, logistics and production;
  • We’ll always provide you with high margin products;
  • We run small batch production cycles so don’t worry about quantities
  • We’ll enable you to focus on sales and growing your business.
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How to Start a Collagen Business

A free educational course that will guide you through the journey to becoming an expert in the nutricosmetics business.