Target Markets for Collagen Supplements

Target Markets for Collagen Supplements. The right message for the right audience

Collagen Supplements are receiving an unprecedented level of attention from global media, the fashion and beauty industry, social media influencers as well as the medical community. This new level of exposure is seeing the potential markets for this product expanding at a rapid pace. However, due to the wide and varying nature of benefits that including collagen supplements into your daily routine can provide, we have seen very different target markets emerge as a result. These individual and unique markets each have their own reasons for being interested in taking collagen as a supplement, and we markets need to tailor our messaging to match these needs.

Market 1 – Health and Beauty Enthusiasts

Most likely the largest potential market for collagen Supplements is that of health and beauty enthusiasts who are wanting aesthetic improvements to their outward appearance, including skin, hair, and nails. Whilst this market is dominated by women, we are starting to see a steady increase in the male population’s interest in this revolutionary product. The main marketable benefits for the health and beauty market is the increased level of bioavailable collagen that is available to their bodies when they supplement their intake of this powerful protein. From here we are able to provide evidence that users of collagen peptides report drastic improvements to their overall appearance in a short space of time, including skin vitality and elasticity, reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as improvements in skin tone and glow.

Over 30’s

The over 30’s market is somewhat similar to the health and beauty market, but will also most likely be interested in incorporating collagen supplements into their diets for the extended benefits of increased energy levels and preventative muscle, bone, and joint health support. The over 30’s market is steadily growing in the industry and brands should be focussing on providing evidence and support materials that illustrate a more holistic view of the benefits of collagen as a supplement.

Aging Population

The aging population is one of the fastest-growing segments for every industry in the world. As life expectancy increases, as well as the general levels of health, is seen in the senior community, many of them are looking further extend their feeling of youth and vitality, as well as support their joint and bone health, and reduce inflammatory conditions that come with aging. The aging population does see themselves as unique, and marketing variations of a product that is targeted to their age bracket often sees very good results when compared with a more generalized and non-age specific marketing strategy.


The final major category of target markets for collagen supplements is that of elite and amateur athletes who are wanting to use the product to increase their performance and recovery. As you can see, this marketing message is very different from that of saying, health and beauty enthusiasts as their desired outcome has less to do with aesthetics and more to do with endurance, performance, and recovery. Collagen Supplements help support the body’s ability to heal and repair, and the nature of many supports brings the need for recovery support. Collagen does him by delivering additional sources of protein, improving muscle strength and conditioning, and reducing inflammation from damage associated with rigorous exercise. As marketers, we need to have a clear and evolving understanding of the benefits of our products, and how these benefits align with the unique needs of our target market categories. Tosla has developed an ultimate guide to marketing collagen supplements to help brands identify their target markets, design their product benefit marketing strategy, and execute campaigns that lead to loyal customer relationships. If you’d like to learn more about our white-label collagen supplements, then feel free to view our product ranges.




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