Shrink-sleeve: a new, fast-growing label technology

Very often, the dilemma of our clients is: how to properly design a label considering the given space that the product offers. On numerous occasions, there is insufficient space to cover all marketing wishes and still look appealing and professional. 

Without secondary packaging, such as additional outer boxes, traditional labels allow around 40% coverage, while on the other side- shrink-sleeve brands provide nearly 100% package coverage and a compelling billboard effect. Packaging and labeling are essential to seducing a potential customer, especially in the nutricosmetic environment where the eye plays an important role. Material, functionality, and design are all subjects of consideration. While the outer box comes lovely as an addition to traditional packaging and label, clients are more interested in following a more minimalistic approach, getting the finished product without it. In response to this newly created demand, we decided to develop shrink-sleeve technology as part of our offer. 

Shrink-sleeve allows presenting your product uniquely; for example, it can be aesthetic, straightforward, or fun, depending on the audience you want to attract. Furthermore, it can adapt to the surface of any bottle. That means it can conveniently take the shape of any container, regardless of dimensions and silhouette. So, shrink-sleeve is an excellent opportunity for beauty and health supplement brands to differentiate themselves from the competition.  

The chosen label has a significant influence in seducing potential costumer and not just design. Researches show that products on an aisle shelf have no more than approximately 5 seconds to attract the potential client’s attention. Considering this, the shrink-sleeve is a great choice considering its ability to attract potential buyers. Art adjusts not to lose its form; colors remain bright, and you can keep your design while printing on heat-shrink plastic- that helps you convince the potential customer that your product is the best on a given shelf.  

Given the bigger manipulation space, heat-shrink labels give you flexibility and the opportunity to modify the label design and send promotional messages on special occasions or promote discounts to increase sales of some products with lower turnout.  

Since it reduces the amount of packaging, shrink-sleeve can be an environment-friendly choice too. It does not come with additional boxes; after consumption, the label can be easily removed, leaving the bottle free of a new life.  

Last but not least, if your clients are also sensitive to safe matters regarding ingestible beauty, the shrink-sleeve allows you to sell the product, keeping any external contamination off the product.




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