Top Product Trends for Collagen Supplements in Food and Beverage in 2019

Top Product Trends for Collagen Supplements in Food and Beverage in 2019

In 2018, collagen-based supplements experienced a surge in markets across the globe. With its traditional origins in China, Japan, and South Korea, collagen food supplements and additives have become one of the most talked-about, and heavily trialed health trends in 2018.

In 2019, now that collagen is on the radar of many medical and health professionals as well as food and beverage manufacturers, consumers can expect an evolution and overall maturing of collagen supplements and related products in the market.

These are the top trends we are expecting to see either emerge or gain momentum in 2019.

Collagen candy – a healthy sweets

Whilst in many Asian markets collagen enriched candy has been available for nearly 10 years, in emerging markets this concept is quite new and gaining traction at a rapid pace. Whilst South America has the fastest growth of any continent, European, American, and Australian consumers are now starting to get on board. Around 73% of new products to market in 2016 were in the confectionary category of gummies/jellies with consumers reporting that they felt this type of candy, when paired with sugar-free additives were a “healthy option” when it came to increasing their overall intake of collagen supplements. In 2019, we expect more manufacturers to innovate in this area, with a wider range of products being expected to come to market.

Collagen enriched ready-made meals

Another category of collaged enriched foods that is on the rise is pre-made meals. Piggybacking on another industry trend of “ready-made, healthy choice meals”, some food companies have taken this a step further by adding collagen supplements to their range.

This really is the collision of two major trends in the health and wellness industry and we expect this to steadily increase as time goes by, and consumer demand for collagen supplements increases.

Improved bone health a major marketing message

In previous years, collagen supplements have been marketed with communication channels speaking to specific health and wellbeing goals. In addition, collagen supplements have been heavily marketed as a preventative and restorative beauty product, with consumers flocking to products that are designed to reverse the signs of aging and improve overall skin condition.

However, more recently, we have seen a surge in the number of products on the market that are promoting the benefits of collagen to overall bone health, especially for aging populations. Many manufacturers are promoting the benefits of collagen in being able to increase mobility and improve joint function which is opening a whole new market to producers of collaged enhanced products.

2019 will be good

In summary, as collagen supplements continue to increase in popularity the consumer market should expect continued innovation and development of products that either include or feature collage as a key benefit of consumption. Whilst many Asian countries are years ahead when it comes to the uptake of these products’, global consumer trends would indicate that Western consumers are quickly catching up.

It is a very exciting time for collagen in the market. We expect to see big things in 2019. If you are looking to provide collagen supplements or related products to your customers, contact us to learn more about our white-labeled collagen. We help you with branding, packaging, and compliance and are specialists in the supply of high-quality collagen supplements.

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