The Collagen Social Influencers

The Influencers Who Are Profiting from the Collagen Supplement Explosion

Collagen supplements are one of the hottest trending topics in the beauty, fashion, fitness, and health care industry and social media’s elite influencers in each category have taken note. The number of influencing powerhouses that are advocating for collagen supplements, specifically #collagenpeptides has seen a huge spike in the past 24 months, and there is no sign of this slowing down.

The rise of the influencer has had huge impacts on the ability of collagen supplement brands to get their products and the photographic evidence of their benefits in front of the eyes of literally millions of people. The ‘social proof’ of the benefits of collagen products means that people from all walks of life are now starting to take notice of these products and look to the market to find the highest quality and most reputable brands in an effort to gain the same results for themselves.

However, in most cases, we see these influencers such as @curlswithapromise @millenialmiss and @cassie_cameron_ promoting and advocating for the products of some of the major manufacturers and brands of collagen supplement products. The opportunity that they are missing, is that they could easily and quickly come to the market with their own brand of collagen supplements, by partnering with a reputable white label collagen peptide manufacturer like Tosla.

When a social media personality reaches influencer status, especially within a niche industry such as health and beauty, their impact on their fans and followers can be immense. Whilst traditional modes of social media advertisement include paid reviews and advocacy, by capitalizing on their own brand and following, these influencers have the opportunity to take control of their revenues by marketing their own brand of products, rather than doing the same thing for other brands.

In today’s modern world of digital visibility, starting a brand is much easier than in the past. As long as the product is high quality and delivers real results, new businesses have an amazing platform for promotion, and these new businesses in the market have access to the same
advertising platforms as major brands that are leveling the playing field.

At Tosla, we partner with savvy entrepreneurs to provide assistance with formulations, product design, manufacturing, quality control, and distribution. It is a turnkey service that helps new businesses experiment and brings to market product ranges that would normally have needed a
a much higher level of the initial investment.

Collagen is hot right now. We are seeing mentions of this amazing product everywhere from fashion shows, and runway parties through to the major beauty and health magazines, and they are all saying the same thing. Collagen works. If you are an influencer who is wanting to explore
the option of bringing a self-branded product to market and promoting this to your fans and followers then please feel free to reach out for an initial discussion. We have been experts in the nutraceutical industry for over 8 years and have helped many start-up businesses come to market with what are now hugely successful product ranges, and the good news is that you can do this too.




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