How everything started

Tosla evolved from a food-tech company to a leading manufacturer of high-performing liquid collagen products in less than a decade. The focus of the company has always been on innovating products and ingredients for the beauty, health, and wellness sector. Its products blur the lines between food and cosmetics, delivering technologically advanced liquid collagen supplements built around high performance, user experience, quality, safety, and efficient manufacturing.

Over the years, the company fine-tuned formulations, and internal quality procedures, and heavily invested in the expansion of the facility, without compromising on research and development.

Indeed, the R&D department has always been the diamond of the company, constantly focused on client needs and collagen formulas efficacy.

Thanks to the high-performance collagen formulations developed, TOSLA has always been able to deliver real and proven results to profoundly transform the consumer product journey.

From the experience gained, and the knowledge gathered, the need of supporting indie brands and young entrepreneurs became a natural path to follow, and this is how White Label Collagen started.

The project’s aim is to focus on small to medium clients who are entering the market for the first time and need a mentor on their collagen supplement journey.

If this is still a niche or not so explored product category, starting on your own would sound scary and unprofitable, that’s why TOSLA‘s sister project White Label Collagen has been developed.

The company started by developing a collagen product portfolio that has been renovated every year based on market trends and client expectations, to deliver a selection of standard products backed by science and bulletproof quality.

Whether your target clients are beauty addicted, sporty people or simply healthy human being connected with nature, White Label Collagen has developed collagen formulations that would fit different industries and needs.

White Label Collagen is the right platform for whoever is looking to invest in a new collagen brand business, who is interested in expanding the supplement product portfolio or is simply willing to invest in a new product. All the projects are relevant, is just the size of them that changes, that’s why is good to plan in advance and don’t underestimate the sharks that will swim with you in the sea of this world called Nutricosmetics.

The project will always run in parallel with TOSLA corporate business, allowing smaller realities to start a project backed by a strong partner without compromising on the quality and safety of the products.




How to Start a Collagen Business

A free educational course that will guide you through the journey to becoming an expert in the nutricosmetics business.