Why are collagen drinks great to market to paleo and LCHF fans?

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A question we are often asked is whether or not collagen supplements are allowed for consumers who are also following either a Paleo or LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet. The answer in both cases is a resounding yes.

So, what is collagen actually made from?

Collagen is product derived from different animal sources. Collagen is a natural occuring substance and is found in high quantities in both cattle and certain species of fish. At its core, collagen supplements are an animal protein which is made up of amino acids so adding them to your daily routine whilst following either a Paleo or Low Carb Diet is the ideal way to protect and strengthen your skin, hair and bones as well as decrease inflammation and pain in joints and muscles.

Why are collagen supplements good for people following the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet simplified is only consuming foods and beverages that are derived from natural products as nature intended. Both plant and animal-based foods can be consumed, however a focus on high protein foods is paramount to the Paleo Diet.

Collagen is a natural protein product and fits into a Paleo diet perfectly, as it is derived from natural animal-based sources. Interestingly, collagen is found in high concentration in bone broths which are highly encouraged on the paleo diet. Similarly, many collagen supplements are derived from the same source, so adding these to your daily routine is further increasing the benefits being received from following a Paleo diet.

Consumers can expect increased health and vitality in the appearance of skin and hair, as well as improved health of bone joint and organ function.

Why are collagen supplements good for people following the Low Carb High Fat Diet?

The LCHF has been popular for decades and has provided outstanding results consistently across a wide range of demographics.  The low carb high fat diet has many permutations including the Atkins Diet, Keto Diet and what’s referred to more commonly as the LCHF diet.  The premise of these diets is to decrease the amount of carbohydrates consumed during both meals and snacks and instead replacing these with high fat foods as well as high protein meats and meat substitutes such as lean beef, seafoods and tofu-based products.

Collagen supplements as previously stated are a high protein low carbohydrate option for consumers and will not impact the overall nutritional intake as required by this diet plan. In addition, consumers who add collagen into their daily routine experience fantastic improvements to the look of their skin and hair as well as reporting various health improvements including joint and muscle function and lower levels of pain and inflammation.

In Summary

In summary, anyone following either the Paleo or LCHF diet and absolutely include collagen as a part of their daily routine by doing so they are not only gaming the health benefits that come along with these types of diets but also further supporting their overall health and well-being with a natural animal derived supplement.

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