The Pro’s and Con’s of MSM Minerals as a Dietary Supplement

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MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years amongst beauty professionals and consumers alike. Whilst sulphur, a compound that is naturally derived during the earths rain cycle is present in many natural unprocessed foods, its ability to be absorbed into the body is completely dependent on method and length of cooking. It is only when these unprocessed foods are eaten raw, that MSM absorbtion is considered optimal so you may want to consider adding key health food to your supplement regime.

MSM in supplement form has a very specific set of benefits for consumers, that have been researched and documented for a number of years.

Top Three Benefits of MSM Minerals

  1. Cell Detoxification

Simply put, MSM Minerals when taken regularly helps make your body’s cells membranes more permeable. Permeability is an important factor when it comes to cell health, as this largely controls how easy it is for toxins and pollutants to be flushed from cells, as well as how easily essential hydration and nutrients can be absorbed in. MSM minerals aid in dissolving calcium phosphate, a key contributor to conditions where cells are not able to freely release toxins for detoxification.

  1. Improved Skin, Hair and Nail Health

Whilst collagen and keratin are two of the main nutrients that are required to produce and maintain healthy hair, skin and nail cell growth, it is MSM that provides the body with the sulphur that is required for optimum collagen and keratin production. Together with Vitamin C, the sulphur present in MSM works to build healthy tissues and increase overall collagen production which can radically and quickly improve your skins health and appearance.

  1. It’s Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Leading on from point one on cell detoxification, MSM is a powerful anti-inflammatory as the improved condition and permeability of cells increases detoxification and in turn inflammation. Once the toxins are able to be more easily released from the cells and processed through the body’s natural waste processing system, consumers will experience a reduction in overall fluid retention in inflamed areas, which decreases pain and discomfort.

Potential Cons of MSM Minerals

Some advocates of MSM have reported that certain products can have a bitter taste when taken in liquid form. This is due to the higher concentrate of liquid products. At White Label, we provide customer advice on all of our products to ensure a positive experience.


For MSM, we advise that the powder form of MSM, when diluted with 2 dcl of water and infused with lemon juice is much more palatable than premade concentrated liquid formula’s that are currently available on the market. Feel free to reach out for more advise on the best use of our products.


As the popularity of MSM increases, we should expect continued research and development into the ongoing effects and optimal production methods that will bring consumers the best possible results with minimal risks. These studies will hopefully highlight more key health benefits of MSM, and further strengthen its position as a key component of a healthy diet and supplement regime.

MSM continues to trend as one of the top health supplements available in 2019 and is gaining popularity day by day.

As with any supplement, consumers should exercise caution and only buy reputable products that are free from unnecessary additives.

At White Label Collagen, our experience has led us to have a strong belief in the positive effects of MSM as a dietary supplement. That is why we have included this powerful compound to our all in one collagen starter packages.