3 Reasons Why Plastic Surgeons Recommend Collagen Supplements

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Collagen supplements have received a lot of attention, from both global media and the medical community alike. It is well documented that people who consume collagen supplements, whether in liquid or pill form report significant improvements to the appearance of skill, as well as the strength and vitality of hair and nails. However, collagen provides a multitude of benefits to consumers, well beyond the realms of aesthetics. Plastic surgeons are now recommending collagen supplements as a part of a healthy and balance post-surgery routine, in order to aid and speed recovery as well as improve overall health and wellbeing.

1. Collagen is natural and abundant already.

Collagen is the most abundant protein found naturally in the human body. It plays a vital role in supporting the bodies natural healing system and in being able to restore and repair soft tissue damage. Collagen supplements support the bodies natural production and utilisation of collagen in order to promote recovery. In addition, collagens natural anti-inflammatory effects can also contribute to lessened swelling and pain post-surgery.

2. Improved muscle strength, function and condition.

The high level of protein found in collagen supplements helps post plastic surgery patients muscle function in an optimal way by delivering an increased level of protein than what they may be able to produce from food intake alone. This increase in protein is documented to improve muscle strength and help minimise muscle wastage during times of low activity. For post-surgery patients, this can significantly improve wellbeing during recovery as the strength and overall health of muscles are supported beyond what the body is able to do without additional
concentrated sources of protein.

3. Support for post-surgery physical therapy and rehabilitation.

By adding a collagen supplement to your daily routine post plastic surgery, patients are adding a powerful anti-inflammatory agent to their post care plan. For patients who are needing to undertake physical therapy or rehabilitation post recovery, this can reduce swelling and pain,
increased range of movement, which can lead to greater ability to undertake guided exercises that will speed recovery and have them returned to normal function. Collagen supplements provide extended joint-protection for consumers, which allows them to exercise more often, and with more rigour than if left unsupported. The goal for any post-surgery care plan is to have the patient return to normal functioning as quickly as possible, and collagen provides outstanding allround support for this to occur. In summary, despite the obvious benefits to appearance, collagen supplements have a much broader application of use in the medical world, and specifically the modality of plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons are definitely advocating for the overall benefits that collagen can bring to patients, by recommending this supplement as a part of a healthy post-surgery care plan. If you are interested in learning how you can help support your patient’s recovery with your own range of post care supplements, please view our product range. We offer white labelled collagen and other supplements, that are produced to the highest standard. We look forward to partnering with you to support your patients post-surgery recovery.