Collagen Supplement Price

Collagen Supplement Price

We recently received several inquiries, some of them challenging our pricing policy. Developing and producing white label collagen supplement is both challenging and rewarding. Setting the price of a product is always critical as it should reflect the value of the product itself but also take into consideration one’s efforts to develop it.

Why we stand behind our white label collagen products

Our R&D department regularly purchases other collagen supplements available on the market and analyses them. This way we can evaluate the competition, both in terms of quality and price.
Solid (in powder form) collagen supplements cannot be compared to liquid collagen ones. The powder is easier and cheaper to produce but results in a completely different product. Powder collagen supplements lack the functionality of liquid ones. This can be very misleading for consumers.

We, of course, have competitors in the private label production of collagen supplements. Competition is good when it is fair. It makes one strive to always improve. We welcome competitors as they will help the whole segment do better. But we also have seen some very questionable practices over the last weeks. As in every business, some companies (and individuals) are not as scrupulous as one could expect.

Recently, for instance, one of our clients was approached by a company claiming to offer much cheaper prices than ours. Upon analysis of their product, it turned out that the actual product contained 40% of the declared quantity of collagen and some sugar in a supposedly sugar-free product. The company was trying to take advantage of the fact that our client is an influencer, not a scientist, hoping to lure her by an attractive financial proposition.

We believe that in the long term it is the quality of our products and the professionalism of our people that will help our clients and partners be successful. We just wish that all players on the market would do the same…

If you are in doubt about any technical question, please reach out, we are always happy to support you in a professional way.




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